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Appendix 4 - L


Generic Code Category/Description Federal Supply
Item Identification
L     Supply Operations        
  0 O Supply Operations     X  
  1   Transportation Costs:        
    A Inland Transportation -- CONUS 1   X  
    B Ocean Transportation 1   X  
    C Air Transportation 1   X  
    D Parcel Post 1   X  
    E Commercial Carrier 1   X  
    F Inland Transportation Overseas 1   X  
  2   Packing, Crating, Handling, Port Loading & Port Unloading Costs:        
    A Packing, Crating & Handling 1   X  
    B Port Loading 1   X  
    C Port Unloading 1   X  
  3   Operation & Maintenance of MAP Installations:        
    A Operation & Maintenance Costs 1   X  
    F MAAG Housing 1   X  
    G Maintenance & Repair of Real Property -- Map Installations 1   X  
  4   Storage & Maintenance of Stockpiles:        
    A Storage & Maintenance of Stockpiles 1   X  
  5   Offshore Procurement Expenses;        
    A Offshore Procurement Expenses 1   X  
  6   Logistics Management Expense:        
    A Logistics Management Expense (Not for MILDEP Use) 1   X  
  7   Travel Expenses:        
    A Travel Expenses 1   X  
  8   Case Management:        
    A Case Management Including Travel 1   X  
  9   Special Activities:        
    A Special Activities Including Incidental Travel 1   X  
    B Staging and Consolidation of FMS Shipments 1   X Include staging and consolidation of incoming articles into a single shipment at DoD activity in CONUS or contractor facility, at request of customer.
    C Assemblage of FMS Shipments 1   X Includes assemblage of articles by FMS case or project code at DoD activity or contractor facility for forwarding to in-country destination, at request of customer.
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