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Appendix 4 - J


Generic Code Category/Description Federal Supply
Item Identification
J     Support Equipment        
  1   Chemical Equipment:        
      Decontaminating & Impregnating Equipment FSC 4230   X  
  2   Construction Equipment:        
    A Full Track Tractors FSC 2410   X  
    B Wheeled Tractors FSC 2420   X  
    C Earthmoving & Excavating Equipment FSC 3805   X  
    D Cranes & Crane Shovels FSC 3810   X  
    E Road Clearing Equipment FSC 3825   X  
    F Military Bridging FSC 5420   X  
    Z Miscellaneous Construction Equipment FSC 3815, 3830, 3895   X  
  3   Materials Handling Equipment:        
    A Conveyors, Cranes & Derricks FSC 3910, 3950   X  
    Z Other Materials Handling Equipment FSG 39XX (except 3910, 3950)   X  
  4   Photographic Equipment:        
    A Cameras FSC 6720   X  
    B Projection Equipment FSC 6730   X  
    C Developing & Finishing Equipment FSC 6740   X  
    D Digitally Enhanced Photographic Imaging Equipment/Systems FSG 67XX (except 6720, 6730 and 6740)   X  
    Z Other Photographic Equipment, Supplies, & Spare Parts FSG 67XX (except 6720, 6730, and 6740)   X  
  6   Other Equipment:        
    A Parachutes & Aerial Delivery Equipment FSC 1670   X  
    D Other Power Transmission Equipment FSG 30XX   X  
    E Woodworking Machinery & Equipment FSG 32XX   X  
    F Metal Working Machinery FSG 34XX   X  
    G Special Industrial Machinery FSG 36XX   X  
    N Safety & Rescue Equipment FSG 42XX   X  
    P Steam Plant & Drying Equipment FSG 44XX   X  
    Q Maintenance & Repair Shop Equipment FSC 4910, 4925, 4930, 4931, 4933, 4940   X  
    R Power & Distribution Equipment FSG 61XX, 62XX   X  
    S Non-Standard Power & Distribution Equipment     X  
    T Instruments & Laboratory Equipment FSG 66XX (except 6610, 6630, 6640)   X  
    U Non-Standard Test Equipment   X    
    Z Other Support Equipment FSG 22XX, FSC 3835, 6310, 6330, 6350, 6650, 6665   X  
  7   Other Support Equipment        
    A Medical/Surgical Equipment FSC 6515   X  
    B Dental Equipment FSC 6520   X  
    C X-Ray Equipment FSC 6525   X  
    D Hospital Equipment FSC 6530   X  
    E Chemistry/Laboratory Equipment FSC 6630, 6640   X  
    F Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment FSC 3510   X  
    G Shoe Repair Equipment FSC 3520   X  
    H Service & Trade Equipment FSG 35XX, (except 3510, 3520)   X  
    J General Purpose ADP Equipment FSG 70XX   X  
    K Office Machines FSG 74XX   X  
    L Pumps & Compressors FSG 43XX   X  
    M Plumbing & Heating Equipment FSG 45XX   X  
    N Engines FSG 28XX (except 2810, 2840, 2845)   X  
    P Prefab & Portable Structures FSG 54XX (except 5420)   X  
    Q Mine Drilling Equipment FSC 3820   X  
    R Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment FSG 41XX   X  
    S Firefighting Equipment FSC 4210 X X  
    Y Support Equipment Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF)     X  
    Z Other Support Equipment FSG 37XX, 46XX, 47XX, 48XX, 71XX, 72XX, 73XX   X  
  8   Books, Publications, and Maps and Charts        
    A Technical, Non-Technical Books, Publications, Maps and Charts FSG 76XX   X  
  9   Contractor-Provided Technical Order Data        
    A Contractor-Provided Technical Order Data     X  
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